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We all have a “golfing DNA” and having the right clubs for you helps to make a difficult game less challenging. We custom fit clubs to your delivery, launch, spin and ball flight, rather than you trying to mold your swing to an incorrect set of clubs.

Based indoors, Golf Principles at Basingstoke gives you the biggest choice of shafts and heads anywhere in the UK, left or right handed. We have a range of brands to suit every price range and ability level, don’t be misguided in thinking you have to be a good player or single figure golfer to be able to have a fit, everyone can benefit from a custom club fitting.

We try and give you the most cost effective option so reshafting your existing irons or woods could be the best spend for your budget. These options and ideas can be discussed with your fitter during and after the session.

Our workshop

The workshop offers a complete service from simple regrips or stamping a wedge to checking and adjusting loft and lies or cutting down shafts. Whatever services you require our skilled, experienced technicians can help you.

We would always recommend a telephone call in advance to give the technicians prior advance warning of the job or jobs you want done.

Sometimes this can be a while you wait service but that depends on the current workload at that time.

What happens in a fit?

I know this sounds obvious but it’s a question we get asked all the time!

You bring your current clubs along (if relevant) so we know what you have been playing with. We analyse your clubs and monitor your swing, talking through what your numbers mean, which then leads us on to what improvements can be made.

Sometimes we will tell you it’s not the club but you, but we can show you where improvements can be made and what you can expect to achieve.

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