Custom Fitting Your Golf Clubs


Your Questions Answered

Who is custom fitting for?

While better players may have the talent to adapt to clubs which are not specifically designed for their personal needs, the average golfer can not normally perform to their best with ill-fitting 'standard' off the shelf clubs.

Custom fitting greatly benefits all golfers, but in many cases it is the average player who can benefit most from having their clubs custom fitted. The world’s best players use customised equipment because they know that this is essential if they are to optimise their game in order to perform to the best of their ability at the highest level. It makes much more sense and is easier and quicker to adapt your clubs than have to adapt their swing. 

Beginners and high handicappers who start with clubs which are fitted for length, lie, grip size, shaft and head model can benefit greatly as they aim to improve their game and lower their handicap. Ultimately an investment in custom clubs is an investment in yourself which is more likely to result in making the game much easier to learn and much more enjoyable to play. In summary everybody benefits from custom fit clubs irrespective of age or ability.

Why should I be consider custom fitting for my clubs?

Having clubs that are specifically fit to your unique, individual swing will help you hit the ball farther, straighter and more consistently. If the clubs you're currently using are inappropriate for your swing then your game may suffer from a range of errant shots. The wrong shaft length or flex may cause lack of distance, hooks or slices. The grip size can affect the way you hold the club, and may cause hooks or slices or too much tension in your hands. The wrong putter can wreak havoc on your scores and cause unnecessary frustration.

What are the benefits of playing with custom fit clubs?

- Your clubs are designed for your personal golf swing

- Your clubs are designed to match your size and strength

- Your clubs are suited to your golfing ability

- Your clubs are designed to help improve your game

- You can test drive your clubs during the fitting session

- You receive personalised advice from a custom fit and golf specialist

- Your unique profile specifications are stored enabling better after sales service for fine adjustments

Should I bring my existing clubs to a custom fitting session?

Yes. Your existing clubs will give us a baseline with which to compare the new clubs you are testing. This will help you understand the difference between older and newer technology.

What happens at the custom fitting session?

We will examine and review every aspect of the golf club which can affect your game and performance. Using our specialist knowledge and our Trackman® golf swing analyser we are able deliver real-time data and graphics on your club movement, ball launch, the flight and landing.

How long does a custom fitting session take?

A custom fitting session can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the number and type of clubs you are being fit for. In general we normally take around 1 hour to fit for irons and the same to fit for a driver. Additionally, we would suggest you come a few minutes before your scheduled appointment and we'll give you range balls so you can warm-up.

How do I place an order for custom fit clubs if I already know my fitting spec?

Call us on 01256 359865 or email us using our contact form and provide your details and specs

How do I make an appointment for a club fitting session?

Just call us on 01256 359865.

How long does it take to get my custom fit clubs after placing the order?

Assuming we have the components in stock the clubs will be ready for collection or shipping within 14 days, sometimes earlier.

How can I add more clubs to my bag than I originally purchased?

We keep each person’s specification sheet on file, so you can always just call us to see if we can get another of your same clubs. It will depend on how old the club is and if the manufacturer still has the components.

Do you have left-handed clubs to try?

We have as many left-handed clubs as we can get our hands on for club fitting, as we realize it can often be difficult for lefties to find clubs to test and compare. We will work with you and the manufacturer to get the right equipment together for you.

What happens after a custom fitting session?

You'll never be pressured to make a purchase. We keep your personal specifications until you're ready to make a decision. Even after you buy, we keep your specifications on file so that you can add or replace a club to your set at any time.

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Custom-fitted golf clubs available in Hampshire

We work from our independent golf studio in Basingstoke Hampashire.

Like a fingerprint, all of our customers are different and need to be thoroughly assessed in order for us to fit them for their clubs. We do this by using a state of   the art radar technology called Trackman.

Specialists in club and shaft technology

We use Trackman technology to get the most accurate performance data on your game. This is the optimum piece of equipment to use when it comes to custom fitting your golf clubs because it tracks the golf ball in flight and provides numbers based on the ball including it's angle and speed. Once this reading has been taken we then whittle down the best shaft choice that is suited to your swing. During the assessment you will be able to test our multiple clubs and we will advise you on the best ball to use. Every golfer has a signature in their swing and we make sure that we provide you the golfer full knowledge of what works or doesn't work for you.

Four main areas that we measure you for:

  • Ball speed and smash factor
  • Launch and spin
  • Flex and dispersion
  • Length and lie


If you have any questions regarding our custom-fitting service, then please feel free to contact us for more information.


Optimise your golf game, book in for your personal fitting - call Golf Principles..... on  01256 359865 or 07703 219 004