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Golf Principles – Custom Fitting specialists

Founded in 2008 by renowned custom-fitting expert Jason MacNiven, Golf Principles has a dedicated team with over 20 years experience offering golfers of all skill levels a personal, tailor-made golf club fitting service.

Our fitting studio in Basingstoke uses the very latest Foresight QC Quad and Trackman technology to ensure you get the most accurate fitting possible.

In December 2019 we installed a state-of-the-art indoor 24ft Quintic putter fitting studio in our Basingstoke branch, meaning we can custom fit every area of your game.

Why choose custom fitting?

Just as no two golfers are the same this also applies to golf equipment. No matter your skill level if you are using clubs that don’t suit you then you’ll never get the most from your game.

Off-the-shelf clubs are designed to suit the “average golfer” but we know from our years of custom fitting experience the average golfer doesn’t exist.

Having complete confidence in your clubs will only help you play better golf and enjoy the game we all love!

Isn’t custom fitting expensive?

There is a long-standing myth that having your golf clubs custom fitted is really expensive, however this simply isn’t true. Many golfers who visit us for the first time tell us of their frustration at buying the latest £400 driver or set of irons each year in the hope they will transform their game, only for them to be gathering dust in 12 months time. Sound familiar?

Properly fitted clubs can actually save you money as they should last you for many years, meaning you can enjoy your golf rather than searching for the next quick, yet expensive, fix.

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  • "I have been a customer for nearly 10 years and have always been impressed by Golf Principles' dedication, knowledge, product range and attention to detail. Getting fitted by Jason was the best decision I ever made for my game, I have saved money having stopped buying a new driver every year and I know my clubs are fitted perfectly to my game."
    Dan Goddard