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We want to show you that a good set of clubs and a powerful swing are not enough for you to play your best golf. It's all about finding that perfect combination of shaft, loft and flex that all together work in complete harmony with your natural swing..... Then and only then, can you start to play golf to your full capability. To find out more Contact Us On: 01256 359865

Who we are

We have 20+ years experience in Custom Fitting Golf Clubs, we understand the physics behind the game, we understand that all players physique, strength and technique are  different making your golf swing is as unique as your signature. We are certain that standard 'off the shelf' Golf Clubs will not allow you to play your best possible golf...........We are Golf Principles

What we do

We watch, we listen, we measure, we test, we trial, we advise, we define and then we test and trial some more, eventually using the detailed information given by our Trackman System we can provide you with the perfect combination of heads, shafts and grips to optimise your distance and minimise dispersion. We will even recommend what type of Golf Ball you should be using.



We are PGA qualified, we are Golf Club experts, we operate from our independent golf studio in Basingstoke, as well as our NEW studio at Abridge Golf Club in Essex. We are also pleased to say our customers come to visit us from all over the Europe!

With 20+ years experience, what JMac doesn't know about club fitting is not worth knowing


MD & Founder

6 years in and still learning all the time from JMac


Club Technician & Club Fitter

Linda is the organizer, if your clubs need shipping Linda will make sure its done on time :-)


Organizer Extraordinaire

Darren is learning everything he can about club fitting/making


PGA Trainee

Matt is learning everything he can about club fitting/making


PGA Trainee

Our numbers so far

- 3157 happy clients
- 2934 custom fits
- 6366 cups of coffee
- 21754 clubs built

Our Services

If you're serious about playing golf then think about getting your clubs custom-fitted. The modern equipment you can buy off of the shelf in your local sports shop is designed to suit everyone even though we're all different shapes, sizes and heights. To have professionally-fitted clubs is essential to getting the most out of your game and we do this by reading your 'signature' swing.

Custom Fitting Your Golf Clubs

Like your fingerprint, your golf swing is unique to you, therefore an in depth analysis using our Trackman system is needed to be able to fit your clubs

Your Stats

Its important that you know what distances each and every club delivers you, our Trackman analysis shows your averages club by club

Coaching & Advice

At Golf Principles our staff are all PGA-qualified. We coach using Trackman to link the numbers and help you enhance the mechanics of the swing

Club Repairs

We offer a complete repair service for all your golf clubs, from a quick re-grip or shaft replacement to a complete MOT including loft & lie adjustment


  • What an unbelievable difference my fitted clubs have made to my game, I am hitting fairways far more frequently and really have the confidence to attack the ball on every shot. Thanks Jason

    Mark Briggs

  • I have at long last managed to get below a 15 handicap for the first time ever..... now targetting to get to single figures. Golf Principles really know their stuff.  Many thanks to all of  you.

    G. Beaton

  • Jason really knows how to get the most from your golf swing, my new driver is on average 20 yards longer with a much tighter dispersion. I can' wait to get the rest of my bag properly fitted.

    Colin Richards

  • Fantastic results, in just 3 months with my custom fitted clubs and I have taken 2 shots off my handicap. Looking forwards to a good summer of golf.

    Gerry Stuart

Our Video Channel

See our informational Videos and keep up to date with all of our latest news and social feeds.

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Price indication

Putter  Fit

Don't Ignore Your Putter, its 50% of your game

  • Correct Length
  • Correct Lie
  • Correct Grip
  • Correct Alignment
  • Correct Stroke
  • = Less Putts per round

Woods/Irons  Fit

Ensures the correct shafts, loft & spin for your Woods or Irons

  • Correct Flex
  • Correct Loft
  • Correct Spin
  • Correct Length
  • Correct Grip
  • = Hit More Fairways

Full Bag

Right through your bag, Driver, Hybrids & Irons

  • Correct Flex
  • Correct Loft
  • Correct Spin
  • Correct Length
  • Correct Grip
  • = More Consistency

Distance Check

Know your distances with each club

  • Driver Distance
  • Fairways Distances
  • Irons Distances
  • Wedges Distances
  • Lofts & Lies Check
  • = More Confidence

Contact us

Our original Basingstoke Studio is located in a very easy to find location, just a few minutes from J6 on the M3 following the signposts for the hospital..

Our brand new location is at Abridge Golf Club in Essex, here as well as the Fitting Studio we will also be running all Professional Services including the Pro Shop and Practice Range.


Unit 7 Vickers Business Centre,
Preistley Road,
Basingstoke, RG24 9NP
Telephone: 01256 359865
Abridge Golf & Country Club,
Epping Lane,
Stapleford Tawney, RM4 1ST
Telephone: 01708 688396

Linda: 07703 219004
Email: info@golfprinciples.co.uk

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